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How Do I Access My Control Panel?

To access your Control Panel, perform the following steps:

  1. In your Web browser Address, type your domain name, followed by /ControlPanel and press ENTER. For example: http://www.your_domain/ControlPanel/
  2. Using your domain name to access the Control Panel may not work if you have just recently purchased a hosting plan with us, or if you have purchased a plan that does not provide you with a Control Panel associated with a domain name. In such cases, you'll want to use the IP address associated with your domain name. For example: . Your IP Address was provided on your Activation Notice e-mail message. If you purchased a plan that does not include a Control Panel, contact Sales for an Upgrade!
    Either way, you will then be asked to enter your user ID and password we sent to you in your Activation Notice.
  3. Click OK. Your Control Panel appears. The Control Panel uses icons instead of multiple task links, enabling you to easily maneuver and complete tasks quickly.
  4. Next, bookmark your Control Panel. This enables you to get to your control panel quickly and easily. For information about how to bookmark your Control Panel, check the help documentation in your browser.

For an overview of the various Control Panel features and utilities, please click here.

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